Roc Soccer FAQ's


Who will my player be rooming with? We will be in touch closer to our start date and will ask you all who you would like to room with. We will do all that we can to accommodate all requests. Rooms accommodate 6 players and will be split by gender and age. Your players room will be at the Darien Lake Hotel where players can not leave once it's light out. Roc Soccer and Darien Lake Staff do not allow anyone to leave the hotel!


Will my player be chaperoned at all times? The answer to this questions depends on age. Any players from u11 down will always be with a chaperone. Older players will need to earn the trust and respect from staff to be given “free time" around the park. These Players will then use the buddy system and be in a group chat with camp directors. There will be head count checks at meetings points.


How will groups be split on the field? Players will originally be split up by age. Movement may go on throughout the week if we feel a younger player needs to be challenged more. This is a Roc Soccer decision and not a parent decision. All players will come together at points throughout the week to play in world cups, events, etc.


Who will be coaching my player? Roc Soccer staff are from all over the world. Our lead coaches Jaime Phillips (Scotland) and Dean James (England) both bring a European style of coaching to the camp. Jaime and Dean coach at premier and travel level in the Rochester area. Our other Roc Soccer head coaching staff are all currently coaching in the Rochester area with premier clubs. All of our assistants are either still playing or have recently graduated the college game. All of our coaches are UEFA and or USSF licensed.


When and how do I pay the outstanding amount? Those who still have an outstanding bill must pay on our before the first day of camp. You can either send a Check to JGP Soccer (at 171 Mill Run Dr, Rochester, NY 14626) or can pay by cash or check on the day of arrival (Monday, July 12th). If you do not know how much you owe, please email and or Those that paid in full, you are set!


What happens if the weather is bad? Roc Soccer staff will make the decision on the day if we need to delay or return from the field early due to weather. If we are already at the field and it thunders, we will have all players under the pavilion! If its doesn’t calm down the bus will pick up players early! When around the park, Darien Lake will make the decision if players can be on the rides. If its a totally rain out, we will take players into Darien Lake Cabins and participate in a FIFA Tournament.


In case of an emergency who do I contact? Jaime Phillips and Dean James will be contactable 24/7 throughout the camp. They can be reached by cell at (585) 355-7011 or (585) 490-6650. All players will also be given our numbers.


My player is on medication? Roc Soccer will have a nurse on staff at all times. At drop off, you will hand in your players medication to the nurse.  All medication (prescription, homeopathic or over-the-counter) must be submitted in original prescription packaging or container to the camp director on arrival. Aside from emergency medications (such as an Epi-pen or inhaler) your child is not allowed to keep any medications on their person or in their rooms while at camp.  

What should we pack/bring? Sunscreen, towel(s) for water park, swim attire, extra snacks and drinks are allowed in rooms,  all required or potential medications (to be labeled, unopened, in original packet & handed over at registration), cash for candy, games & novelty toys!, soccer attire, a labeled water bottle for the field, soccer ball (optional), gaming systems/ lawn games/ any other games/ balls/ devices are welcome but at responsibility of camper.


Where should I drop my child off? Registration is officially from 5pm - 7pm Monday (7/12) at the Lodge on the Lake Hotel.  If you are not arriving in this time slot please communicate with us in advance.  

Lodge on the lake is located at 9993 Alleghany Road. Corfu, NY 14036


Can I take my child out & bring them back? what should I do? Yes, contact Dean or Jaime to schedule times.  The meeting place will be at the lodge on the lake hotel 9993 Allegheny Road Darien Lake Theme Park, Darien Center, NY  unless specified elsewhere.


Where should I collect my child at the end of camp? Collection is at 2pm on Friday 7/17 at The Pembroke town park soccer fields are located at 8750 Alleghany Road, Corfu, NY


Where can I find a copy of the waiver?

Attached. Send a copy in advance to or hand in at registration.


How can I stay up to date with the camp?  

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